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LGBTQ+ travelling in Morocco

LGBTQ+ for holidays in morocco

Morocco, a land of vibrant colors, rich history and diverse cultures, has fascinated travelers for centuries. While its beautiful landscapes and vibrant markets can be inviting, it’s essential to be aware of the cultural nuances and attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community when planning your visit. In this LGBTQ+ guide to travel in Morocco, we will guide you through the experiences, challenges and tips to ensure a safe and unforgettable trip.

Understanding the cultural context:

Morocco is a predominantly Muslim country with deeply rooted traditions. While larger cities like Marrakech and Casablanca are becoming more cosmopolitan and progressive, it is important to remember that conservative attitudes still prevail in many areas. LGBTQ+ issues may not be widely discussed and public displays of affection should be approached with caution to avoid misunderstandings.

Choose LGBTQ+-Friendly destinations:

In recent years, some Moroccan cities have become more open and inclusive for LGBTQ+ travellers. Marrakech, for example, boasts a growing LGBTQ+ scene with LGBTQ+-friendly accommodation, cafes and bars. Also Essaouira, known for its artistic environment, is relatively more welcoming. Prioritize these destinations for a more comfortable experience.

Accommodation and security:

Choose LGBTQ+-friendly accommodation to ensure a cozy stay. Many boutique hotels and riads in Marrakech and other major cities are used to hosting LGBTQ+ guests. While Morocco is generally safe for tourists, it is wise to exercise discretion regarding your sexual orientation or gender identity to avoid potential unwanted attention.

Cultural sensitivity:

Respect for local customs is paramount. Dress modestly, especially outside the big cities, to avoid attracting unnecessary attention. While you may be used to opening conversations on LGBTQ+ issues, these topics are often considered private in Moroccan culture. Participate in discussions in a thoughtful and prepared manner at different levels of understanding.

Explore the LGBTQ+ scene:

The Gueliz district of Marrakech is a center for LGBTQ+ activity, offering a number of queer-friendly places. From trendy bars to cozy cafes, you’ll find spaces where you can connect with both locals and fellow travelers. Remember that while LGBTQ+ spaces are evolving, they may not always be in line with the scenes you’re used to at home.

Travel beyond the cities:

Venturing into rural areas and small towns may require more discretion. While genuine warmth and hospitality are hallmarks of Moroccan culture, it is advisable to keep your LGBTQ+ identity private in these settings. Focus on appreciating local culture and connecting with people on shared interests.

Before you travel, look for LGBTQ+ resources and online communities that offer insights and tips for LGBTQ+ travelers in Morocco. Getting in touch with local LGBTQ+ organizations can provide you with valuable guidance and a sense of community during your stay.

The charm of Morocco lies in its enchanting landscapes, captivating history and warm hospitality. Although the LGBTQ+ experience in Morocco can be challenging due to cultural norms, with proper preparation and awareness, you can navigate the country safely and respectfully. By choosing destinations, LGBTQ+-friendly accommodations and engaging in cultural sensitivity, you can create lasting memories of your trip to Morocco, embracing the diversity that makes the trip so enriching.

LGBTQ+ for travelling in Morocco

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