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Small group morocco desert tour and packing list

Difference between private desert tours and small group desert tours:

A private Morocco desert tour is a tour exclusively for you and your family or travel companions. This means you have the flexibility to tailor the itinerary to your preferences and interests, and the tour schedule can be tailored to suit your needs. You will have your own personal guide or driver who will focus solely on your group, ensuring a personalized experience.

On the other hand, small group Morocco desert tours are typically limited to a small number of travellers, usually between 4 and 8 people. This type of tour is ideal for travelers who want to share their experience with like-minded people while maintaining a degree of personal attention. Small-group tours generally have a fixed itinerary and schedule, but still offer some flexibility to accommodate individual preferences.

While private tours offer the ultimate in flexibility and personalized attention, they can be more expensive than small-group tours. Small-group tours, on the other hand, strike a balance between convenience and personal attention, while still providing a pleasant and immersive experience of the desert. Ultimately, choosing between a private tour and a small-group tour depends on your budget, travel preferences, and travel goals.

A private tour means it will be just you and the driver in the car, departure is guaranteed and times are flexible and can be tailored to your needs and interests, cancellation is also flexible and usually free as no one else will be affected .

– A change or extension of the itinerary midway through the tour is possible.

– Flexibility allows you to start and end your tour at almost (within reason) any time of the day or directly to and from the airport.

A shared tour is a small group tour of maximum 8 people, being all our customers, this tour offers the same quality service in most aspects but with affordable prices, however, flexibility is needed during pick up and drop off times because it won’t be just you, so in some cases you won’t be picked up directly from the riad, but from a nearby and easily accessible point to save time.

-Last minute cancellations on a shared tour are charged at 100% of the total price because this affects your travel mates in the group and the company simultaneously as all participants are offered a price based on the final number of people in the group .

-Finally, shared tours are not guaranteed in advance, because they depend on other people requesting and joining the same tour on the same date, which is why we offer alternatives for people who want to do a group tour but nobody joins, or a free cancellation or a discount to be able to afford a private tour.

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morocco desert trip Shopping absolutely free and away from mass tourism

A trip to the Sahara Desert is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that everyone should have. But it can be difficult to find a tour that is truly authentic and not bogged down by tourist traps and pointless shopping stops. This is where morocco desert travel comes into play.

morocco desert trip is a tour company that is dedicated to providing travelers with a truly unique and wholesome experience. We offer tours with absolutely no shopping, so you won’t be subject to the usual hassles of being forced to buy souvenirs or trinkets you don’t want or need.

But that is not all. morocco desert travel is also committed to providing an experience away from mass tourism. We keep our desert group tours small, with a maximum of six people, to ensure you truly connect with your fellow travelers and have a more intimate experience.

Our expert guides are intimately familiar with the region and its culture, so you’ll be able to learn about the history and traditions of the Sahara as you explore. And because they’re not tied to any commercial or commercial interest, you’ll be free to immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes and natural wonders of the desert.

morocco desert trip is perfect for anyone who wants to have an unforgettable adventure without the hassle of shopping and crowds. If you are looking for a truly authentic and unique experience, look no further than morocco desert travel.

Un tour privato nel deserto del Marocco è un tour esclusivamente per te e la tua famiglia o compagni di viaggio. Ciò significa che hai la flessibilità di personalizzare l'itinerario in base alle tue preferenze e interessi e il programma del tour può essere adattato alle tue esigenze. Avrai la tua guida o autista personale che si concentrerà esclusivamente sul tuo gruppo, garantendo un'esperienza personalizzata.  D'altra parte, i tour nel deserto del Marocco per piccoli gruppi sono in genere limitati a un piccolo numero di viaggiatori, di solito tra 4 e 8 persone. Questo tipo di tour è l'ideale per i viaggiatori che desiderano condividere la propria esperienza con persone che la pensano allo stesso modo, pur mantenendo un certo grado di attenzione personale. I tour per piccoli gruppi generalmente hanno un itinerario e un programma fissi, ma offrono comunque una certa flessibilità per soddisfare le preferenze individuali.  Sebbene i tour privati offrano il massimo in termini di flessibilità e attenzione personalizzata, possono essere più costosi dei tour per piccoli gruppi. I tour per piccoli gruppi, d'altra parte, offrono un equilibrio tra convenienza e attenzione personale, pur fornendo un'esperienza piacevole e coinvolgente del deserto. In definitiva, la scelta tra un tour privato e un tour per piccoli gruppi dipende dal budget, dalle preferenze di viaggio e dagli obiettivi del viaggio.  Un tour privato significa che sarai solo tu e l'autista in macchina, la partenza è garantita e gli orari sono flessibili e possono essere adattati alle tue esigenze e ai tuoi interessi, anche la cancellazione è flessibile e solitamente gratuita perché nessun altro ne sarà influenzato .  - È possibile una modifica o un'estensione dell'itinerario a metà del tour.  - La flessibilità ti consente di iniziare e terminare il tour quasi (entro limiti ragionevoli) in qualsiasi momento della giornata o direttamente da e per l'aeroporto.  Un tour condiviso è un tour per piccoli gruppi di massimo 8 persone, essendo tutti nostri clienti, questo tour offre lo stesso servizio di qualità nella maggior parte degli aspetti ma con prezzi accessibili, tuttavia, è necessaria flessibilità durante gli orari di ritiro e riconsegna perché non sarai solo tu, quindi in alcuni casi non verrai prelevato direttamente dal riad, ma da un punto vicino e di facile accesso per risparmiare tempo.  -Le cancellazioni dell'ultimo minuto in un tour condiviso vengono addebitate al 100% del prezzo totale perché ciò riguarda contemporaneamente i tuoi compagni di viaggio nel gruppo e la compagnia poiché a tutti i partecipanti viene offerto un prezzo basato sul numero finale di persone nel gruppo.  -Infine, i tour condivisi non sono garantiti in anticipo, perché dipendono da altre persone che richiedono e si uniscono allo stesso tour nella stessa data, motivo per cui offriamo alternative per le persone che desiderano fare un tour di gruppo ma nessuno si unisce, o un cancellazione gratuita o uno sconto per potersi permettere un tour privato.

What to wear in Morocco:

When considering what to wear in Morocco, it’s important to keep in mind the wide range of activities and climates one may encounter. Regardless of the time of year, it is recommended that you bring layers that are suitable for both hot and cold temperatures. While visiting Morocco, it is common to experience varied weather conditions, ranging from sweltering heat in the bustling markets of Marrakech to cold nights in the Atlas Mountains or Sahara Desert.

By packing light, breathable, loose-fitting clothing that’s comfortable even in the heat, you can make sure you’re prepared for any situation. It’s important to avoid tight clothing that can attract unwanted attention. Whether you are planning a short visit or a longer stay, Strata will serve you well and make your stay in Morocco more enjoyable.

Packing list by season:

Are you planning a trip to Morocco but don't know what to pack? Your packing list will depend on the time of year you plan to visit and the regions you will be exploring.

Autumn – September to November Temperatures begin to cool, especially in the evening. The Sahara desert will still be hot during the day but gets colder at night. Coastal cities will remain warm.

Lightweight layers for fluctuating temperatures. Long trousers and closed shoes for cooler evenings. A light jacket or sweater for cooler nights. Comfortable walking shoes for exploring cities and sites.

Winter – December to February The north coast and cities like Marrakech can get quite cold. The Atlas Mountains may have snowfall. The south, including the Sahara desert, can get cold at night.

Warm clothes, such as sweaters, jackets and a coat for colder evenings. Layers for fluctuating temperatures. A scarf and hat to keep you warm in colder regions. Rugged, waterproof boots for exploring in wet and potentially snowy conditions.

Spring – March to May Temperatures begin to warm up and flowers bloom. The Sahara desert will start to get hotter during the day, but still cool at night. Coastal cities will be mild and pleasant.

Lightweight layers for fluctuating temperatures. Long trousers and closed shoes for cooler evenings. Comfortable walking shoes for exploring cities and sites. A light jacket or sweater for cooler nights.

Regardless of the season, it is recommended to bring along a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent. When visiting religious sites, make sure your clothes cover your knees and shoulders. It is also advisable to check local weather conditions and customs before traveling to Morocco to ensure you are packing appropriately for your trip.

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