Exploring Taghazout: Your Ultimate Travel Guide Morocco's charming seaside surf village

Taghazout Morocco Travel Guide

When thoughts of Morocco arise, the vibrant craftsmanship, bustling streets and delicious cuisine are often the focus. However, Morocco’s charm extends beyond its bustling cities, weaving a history of captivating coastal treasures. Allow us to take you on a trip to Taghazout, a charming surfing village located along Morocco’s scenic coast. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city souks, Taghazout is an idyllic paradise where sunny days and thrilling ocean adventures seamlessly intertwine.

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Embarking on a trip to Taghazout offers a serene retreat from the daily hustle and bustle. This sleepy fishing village, wrapped in an atmosphere of relaxed charm, emerges as a surfer’s paradise. Set against the backdrop of the High Atlas mountain range, Taghazout’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean grants access to a playground of waves that attracts beginners and experienced surfers alike.

Unveiling the essence of Taghazout

Taghazout’s heart beats like a traditional fishing village, where azure fishing boats grace the shoreline. At dawn, the fishermen set sail and their catches adorn local menus. The city’s blue and white palette extends from boats to houses, exuding an authentic aura. While surfing is a staple, Taghazout boasts a bounty of surf spots to suit all skill levels, from the challenging Anchors Point to the beginner-friendly Taghazout Bay.


Navigate the trail to Taghazout

Traveling to Taghazout is a breeze with Agadir Al-Massira International Airport just an hour’s drive away. Taxis offer a convenient transfer option, priced at 300 dirhams (£24/€27/$29), ensuring a hassle-free arrival. Car rentals, ranging from 125-150 dirhams (£10-12 / €11-14 / $12-15) per day, are ideal for exploring the coast at your leisure.

Getting to know Taghazout

The charm of Taghazout lies in its accessibility. The village, just a short walk from pristine beaches, is a pedestrian paradise. Village accommodations ensure close proximity to local amenities, while resorts along Taghazout Bay offer a tranquil escape. Bicycles, scooters and cars can be hired from Taghazout’s main road, providing a gateway to nearby sites and adventures.

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Essentials for your stay in Taghazout

Taghazout’s appeal lies in its multifaceted offerings. Surfing enthusiasts can hire boards from local shops, priced at 80 dirhams (£6/€7/$8) for a half-day adventure. Local markets provide fresh produce, while pharmacies and surf shops stock essentials like towels and sunscreen. Cash proves useful for taxis and select establishments, with ATMs easily accessible in Agadir.

Seasons of splendor

Taghazout’s spell changes with the seasons. Surf enthusiasts flock from September to April, with November and December offering the best wave conditions. For sun worshippers, warm temperatures embrace the village all year round, averaging 26°C. Optimal weather graces Taghazout from January to July and September to December, welcoming visitors in a balmy embrace.

In the lap of tranquility

As sun-kissed days turn into starry nights, Taghazout unfurls its charms, embracing both solace and adventure seekers. Whether you’re chasing waves, exploring local lore, or simply relaxing along golden shores, this coastal gem promises a Moroccan escape like no other. Taghazout invites you to write your own chapter in his gripping narrative: an oasis where the rhythm of the ocean soothes your soul.

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It is recommended to drink bottled water when visiting most places in Morocco including Taghazout. Most cities will treat their water, however while visiting Morocco it is recommended to drink bottled water, as there is still the possibility of getting sick from drinking the tap water. You may find that some hotels offer filtered water to reduce the use of plastic bottles.
There was also a known sewage problem in Taghazout which has now been fixed and is connected to a sewage treatment plant. Good hygiene is important to avoid getting sick, so remember if you pet stray dogs or cats to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. We brought antibacterial hand gel with us which we would use before eating or petting a cute stray kitten!


If you’re visiting in the winter like we did, it’s still worth bringing a sweater as it gets cold in the evening. Some days can be a little cooler when there is a chilly wind. When visiting Morocco, you will notice that it is acceptable to wear shorts and T-shirts. Swimwear such as bathing suits and bikinis are also worn on the beaches, however it is recommended that you cover up when walking around towns.

Taghazout Morocco Travel Guide

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