The best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco

If you’re in Spain and thinking of adding another adventure to your trip, you should consider Morocco. Above all it will take your vacation to the next level! Due to covid 19 and a political disagreement, the once-veiled ferry has been suspended from Spain to Morocco. Since 18. If sea voyage isn’t your cup of tea, don’t despair; we’ve got all the tips and tricks on the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco

Morocco is full of charming colorful painted cities and food with an ancient history. For example, the oldest statue of a human figure was discovered in Morocco, testifying to the county’s long history. Marvel at the art of textiles, leather craftsmanship, food processing and oil refining. It is the ideal place to spend a summer holiday, to discover the wild beaches and the blue coast.

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Flying is one of the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco. It’s cheap, fast, and will get you there with a stress-free journey. Therefore, depending on where you are in Spain, flights will vary in terms of price and duration. As flights operate daily from airports such as Seville, Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona, you can find great flight deals. If you are lucky enough to be in Seville, the airport is only 15-20 minutes from the airport and the flight to Tangier is only 50 minutes. In other words, if you want to change continent quickly, you can do it in less than 3 hours. For these reasons, flying is one of the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco.

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travel to morocco from malaga

Similarly, flights from Malaga Airport are one of the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco. There are flights to Marrakech, Tangier, Agadir, Faro and Tétouan. Flights to Marrakech are the most frequent. Because there are four weekly flights from Malaga, making a trip from Spain to Morocco extremely affordable. Another reason why flying is one of the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco is the cost, Ryanair airline tickets cost just €7. How could you resist?

travel to morocco from seville

There are so many magical cities in Morocco and Seville airport has flights to most of them. In a matter of hours, you could be roaming the bustling streets of Marrakech, Agadir, Tangier, Tetuan S. Ramel or Casablanca. The trip can cost up to €7. In less than 3 hours a new and exciting adventure can begin, Skyscanner has wonderful options.

travel to Morocco from Barcelona

Similarly, if you’re visiting Barcelona for a midweek break, you’re in luck. From Barcelona to Fez, the flight takes just under two hours. The cost is €9 and flights travel to Morocco every day.

Fez is a city in northern Morocco, referred to as the cultural capital. The city is made up of a maze of winding alleyways, colorful ceramics, hand-woven carpets and leather goods. Plus the leather tanneries. If you are thinking of learning the origin of a new craft, Fez is the right place to do it. A visit to the tanneries of the village is an important tourist attraction. The most informative way to do this is from a balcony view from one of the shops. Here is the location of a shop on Rainbow Street with a balcony overlooking the leather tanneries.

travel to Morocco from Madrid

Another city with easy access to Morocco is Madrid. If you’re spending a week in the busy city and decide the beach sounds more appealing, why not travel from Spain to Morocco? Flights cost less than €20 return with Ryanair and only 1 hour 30 minutes. A quick plane ride from Madrid is definitely one of the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco. Flights travel to Tangier, Marrakech, Agadir, Fez, Tetuan S. Ramel and Tétouan. After that, it’s all about choosing which cities you want to visit. You can customize your Morocco tour, making your visit everything you imagined and making sure your dreams come true. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, follow this link and we’ll consult with you on every detail to create the perfect trip.


If flying isn’t your thing or you want to enjoy as many sights as possible, the ferry is one of the best ways to travel from Spain to Morocco. There is no shortage of ferry companies to choose from when traveling from Spain to Morocco. The ferry from Algeciras to Ceuta connects peninsular Spain with the city of Ceuta in just 1 hour. Tickets cost €30 one way and run from 9am to 5pm. All you need is to choose the time that suits you best with Balearia.

Ferries from Algeciras to Tangier

Another popular ferry route is from Algeciras to Tangier. This route has just started on 18th April 2022. Tickets costing around €35 are available here: FRS

Ferries from Tarifa to Tangier

Taking the ferry from Tarifa to Tangier is the fastest way to travel from Spain to Morocco in 2022. The ferry takes just 40 minutes and runs six times a day

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