Travel Guide to Agadir

"The city of Agadir is a perfect place to spend your holidays. If you love water sports then you have chosen the right place"

General information about Agadir

With an area of 447 thousand square kilometers, Morocco has proved to be a very popular destination for many tourists from all over the world. This is where you can find huge cultural diversity and a number of interesting tourist destinations are waiting for your visits. There are a number of major cities in Morocco that are worth visiting and Agadir has to be one that has so much to offer any visitor. Before putting Agadir on your must-see list, finding out some information about this city would give you a better insight into how to make your visit to Agadir more memorable.

What makes Agadir very interesting and worth visiting

It is very natural for a tourist not to visit a site that is unattractive. At least, the site must offer something different than any other touristic place. Agadir is obviously a popular city in Morocco that offers plenty of tourist attractions for you to enjoy your stay. Not only is this city famous for its well-maintained beaches, but every visitor will be delighted with the beach bars and palm-lined boulevards. There are many ways available to enjoy Agadir beach. Renting a beach buggy is just theirs. If you are looking for a more exotic and traditional way to enjoy the view of the beach, we highly recommend camel riding. It’s a very unique way that offers a different tourist experience. This city is also home to the Suq Al Had market. You can find many North African exotic spices in this place.

The year 1960 must be one of the most horrible and historic years for the people of Agadir. A strong earthquake almost completely destroyed the entire city on February 19 of that year. Although the earthquake lasted only 15 seconds, the enormous damage was almost beyond our imagination. Sadly, it claimed around fifteen thousand lives and nearly returned the city to the Stone Age. After the reconstruction effort that started in 1961, the historic city is now back on its feet and has turned out to be a thoroughly modern city. This place has become a popular tourist site that attracts countless visitors every year. It’s no secret that most of the regular visitors come from Germany.

Agadir has turned out to be a complete tourist site in Morocco. This city seems to have something for every visitor that comes. You should not worry about the quality of hotel accommodation in Agadir as this place is now home to many luxury hotels. You can simply choose the one that perfectly reflects your personal budget. The city is also home to countless beautiful golf courses. It would make a nice leisure facility for everyone. To make your visit that much more enjoyable, Agadir is now well equipped with nightlife facilities. In short, Agadir is complete tourism

The history and culture of Agadir

Morocco is obviously a complete tourist destination that has so many things to offer the visitors. Not only is this country home to the most amazing natural spaces, but every visitor will also be provided with the richest cultural heritage in the world. As Morocco is a country steeped in rich history, you will be spoiled with magnificent historical monuments all over the city. Agadir has to be one of the most beautiful cities in Morocco and has proved to be a favorite destination among many international tourists from many different countries. Before enjoying every corner of this beautiful city, it would be much better if you take a look at the history and culture of Agadir.

The history of Agadir

There are many different reasons that attract many people to come as repeat visitors. The fact that Agadir is located in southwest Morocco made it a very nice place to visit. The city sits right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and is home to several beautiful beaches. In this city you will find a number of the most popular resorts in the country. Before becoming a well-known tourist city for its various attractions, Agadir had to suffer a devastating disaster that claimed so many innocent lives. The 1960 earthquake had killed more than fifteen thousand people in Agadir and caused more than fifty thousand to lose their homes. The earthquake had turned this beautiful city into nothing but piles of ruins and structural remains. A year after the aftermath, the city began its recovery. Today you can see this city as an ideal place to relax and spend your long holiday season. Thanks to the addition of parks, gardens and accommodation facilities, Agadir has proved to be a perfect place for any visitor. The breezy coastal vibe of this city is now well supported by the modern, comfortable hotels and chic restaurants. If you are looking for the right place to escape the harsh winters of European soil, then there would be no better place for that purpose than the city of Agadir.

The culture of Agadir

If you have a great interest in the cultural life of this city, then you should get engaged with the rich Amazigh culture in Agadir. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the great music performances like Rwaiss and Ahwach while the Timitar Festival has to be one of the most popular music festivals in the region. You can also find unique clothes in Agadir including L’ktib and Ahayk. If you usually look for culinary experience in every destination you visit, be sure to try tajine Ssoussi, Argan Oil r Amlou. Since Agadir is right on the Atlantic coast, a line of beautiful beaches would be the city’s most exciting tourist site. All those beautiful beaches are the perfect spots for swimming and surfing. You can also enjoy jet skiing on the beaches.

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