Luxury desert camp in Morocco

One of the great things about going on desert trips in Morocco is that they’re a deeply immersive experience—you don’t have to rush into the Sahara and then be back at your hotel in time for dinner. In these vast plains of sand, which is unlike anything else in the world, time takes on a different meaning and, just like the scant drops of moisture from the morning dew, even seems to evaporate.

To truly experience the beauty of the Sahara Desert, you need to take your time.

That’s why, here at Desert Majesty, we’ve designed Morocco desert trips to the Sahara that last up to a week or more. This means you can spend days and nights in the desert, staying in a luxury desert camp which is in itself a great thrill and an amazing experience. Many of our guests stay in a luxury Erg Chebbi desert camp, located near one of the largest desert ergs, or ‘sea of dunes’ in Arabic, where they are treated like royalty and feel right at home, in the beautiful middle of nowhere! So what can you expect when you stay in a luxury desert camp?

The Erg Chebbi Desert Luxury Camp Experience

When you embark on Morocco desert trips, you will spend the day exploring the Sahara – the largest hot desert in the world, covering most of North Africa – and its towering dunes. You can do it on foot, in your own 4×4 transport or on the back of a desert ship (your very own camel). In the evening it is time to retire to your accommodation and if you are staying in a luxury Erg Chebbi desert camp you are in for a real treat.

The desert camps are set up in a traditional style, using tried and tested materials such as goat hair for the tents. You can expect tents to be set up in a square or circle around a central area which might include a fire around which you can sit at night when the temperature drops. It’s not like camping out in the woods and crawling around in a tiny tent and sleeping bag – the luxury Erg Chebbi desert camp is all about the good things in life.

The desert camp tents are spacious, for one thing, and you’ll have a king-size bed in a section that’s beautifully decorated with the vibrant colors and materials of Morocco to make you feel like you’re having an authentic experience. You’ll also enjoy opulent furnishings with antique chairs, lamps, tables, mirrors, and more in your tent. And even if you’re far from civilization and its conveniences (like electricity), you’ll find electrical outlets in your tent where you can recharge your phone and other devices.

3 day trip from agadir to merzouga desert

Lunch under the stars (exceptionally bright).

Your traditional tented accommodation at the luxury Erg Chebbi desert camp will also come with all the private bathroom facilities you need, including a toilet and shower to wash off all that sand while you freshen up and get ready for dinner. A true Moroccan feast will be prepared for you with some of the country’s most delicious and popular dishes brought to your table in a communal dining room (which serves as a restaurant) or outdoors with the spectacular celestial panorama of the Milky Way offering the most dramatic dining environments. There is no light or road pollution here to spoil the heavenly experience and you can catch a glimpse of the stars in sparkling, crystal clear definition. It’s the perfect way to end a perfect day in the Sahara, before retiring to your sumptuous bed and a good night’s sleep – and do it all again tomorrow.

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