Trip to the top of Toubkal for 3 days

Mount Toubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco. The peak is about 4,167 meters above sea level. As one of the highest peaks in Africa, Mount Toubkal offers a great challenge and amazing views for any traveler from all over the world. This mountain is located near Marrakech and can be reached on a 3-day trip to experience all the attractions there.

Day 1: Marrakech – Imlil – Armed and Mizane Valley – Toubkal Refuge

All visitors will be picked up from their hotel and head towards the Toubkal massif surrounded by high rough rocky peaks and steep valleys. Then, we will start climbing towards the slopes of the Massif when we pass through a small town called Asni. On the way to the village of Imlil, we will be able to see the valley of Oued Rhirhaia below us, where we will be the place to leave our vehicle. The trip will continue with trekking to Aremd village and Sidi Chamarouch shrine with the guidance of the guide. As the largest village in the area, Aremd offers a unique backdrop of tradition and modernity in terraced agriculture, streets and accommodation. You can see a lot of cattle and goats surrounding the areas. Going east, we will cross the river until we reach the sanctuary of Sidi Chamarouch which is a famous tourist spot there. Finally, the trek will end with arrival at Toubkal Refuge for overnight.

Day 2: Jebel Toubkal summit - Toubkal refuge

The route of the second day trip will start from Toubkal Refuge to Jebel Toubkal peak which is considered the highest peak in North Africa. During the journey, we will be able to see wonderful panoramas of the mountain. After reaching the plateau, it takes only a short walk until you reach the summit. There we can see the beautiful scenery of many famous places in Morocco like Marrakesh plain, High Atlas and Sahara. After that, we will return to Toubkal Refuge. Break time will be in Imlil village which will be spent in our tour. The overall journey of the second day takes about 5-6 hours of walking.

Day 3: Aremd and Mizane Valley – Imlil Village – Marrakech

Back to Imlil village again, visitors and guide pass through Aremd village and Mizane valley. When we arrive at the village of Imlil, we will use the car to go to Marrakech. Although the 2 days Toubkal trek, which also allows visitors to go straight back to Imlil village, many visitors prefer to choose the 3 days trek route. With this route, the journey won’t be too difficult for the visitors and, of course, they can spend some extra time in the traditional Berber tent. The 3-day trip offers more free time for all participants to enjoy the scenery, take some photos, rest and learn more about the local culture and people. The last day trip will take about 5 to 6 hours of walking.

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