Morocco desert trip

Morocco desert excursion

Perched atop Africa, Morocco encompasses so much of the mighty continent and is a thrilling treasure trove of sights, sights and sounds to delight the weary of world travellers. Here, whether it’s in the colorful and noisy markets or among the majestic dunes of the Sahara desert where there is not a sound, you can find the kind of sublime travel experiences you may have always dreamed of.
Morocco desert tours hold a very special place in many people’s hearts.

For once you stand between the silence and the immense, unfolding, undulating mountains of ancient windblown sands, you will almost certainly reach a new level of appreciation and inner peace and say to yourself as a shiver runs down your spine that it makes you gasp, “It’s amazing.” We know it well from the many people from all over the world who come to this incredible country and embark on our trip to the Moroccan desert. It is a breathtaking and life changing experience that you must undertake at least once in your life. It fits perfectly into the current travel trend of people choosing a destination because of something particular they want to do – enjoy an experience – rather than opting for a more usual sun holiday or a fleeting trip to a party island which may leave them less than satisfied.

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A more worldly experience

Now, more people than ever want to see and feel the world in a completely different way. And doing something off the beaten tourist track like heading out into the Sahara Desert and seeing the mesmerizing sights for yourself is something vacation dreams are made of. You can witness the tranquility of this vast sandy ocean and meet the Berber nomads who cross it, as they have done throughout the centuries. Spectacular sunrises and dreamy sunsets will dazzle you as you dine outside under the stars so clear from the absence of light and other pollution and enjoy this rambling natural theater made just for you. It’s the best way to disconnect from all the many stresses of modern life and get back in touch with yourself.
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Experiencing Morocco desert tours

What else can you do and see in the amazing Sahara desert? Everything and nothing, all at once. This huge expanse of sand, which forms the largest hot desert in the world, covers most of Northern Africa and borders eastern Morocco. It offers the possibility of being still for a while and having little or nothing around, an experience that is almost impossible to have anywhere else on this overcrowded and built-up planet.

Bringing a sturdy, air-conditioned 4×4 to your location in the Sahara Desert ensures you won’t have any issues with the sometimes challenging terrain. So, it’s all about getting out and hiking on those dunes and all around, making sure, beforehand, that you’ve brought the right kind of clothing, footwear, and gear. This is not a place to walk around in flip flops, shorts and a T-shirt; you need hiking boots and cover from the scorching sun and sand, which can often turn into a sandstorm.

And what better way to elevate your Sahara experience than to see it all from above – from the back of a camel that will take you anywhere you want to go and with the elegant style and grace that these ‘ships of the desert’ are renowned for ? Then, at night, you can relax in the decadence of a luxury desert camp that will have all the amenities you need, and drink it all up.

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