The best cities to visit in Morocco

Morocco is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries to visit. From beautiful beaches with crystal clear water to sandy deserts, Morocco truly has it all. The food and culture in Morocco is absolutely enchanting and the people are some of the friendliest you will meet. Despite these facts, Morocco is not on many people’s “must visit” lists. It is a pity! There are so many cities in the country that are perfect vacation spots. Here are four of the best cities to visit in Morocco that will make you want to come back:


Marrakech is a large city in central Morocco. The fourth largest city in Morocco, Marrakech also features the busiest square in Africa, Jemaa el-Fnaa. Marrakech is an important economic center of Morocco and is filled with exotic gardens, intricate mosques and an exuberant culture. There are several must-see sites in Marrakech, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site La Medina, the souks, and the Bahia Palace.


Casablanca is such an iconic Moroccan city that there’s even a movie named after it! The city is the largest in Morocco and an important commercial and financial center in the country. Located on the western coast of Morocco, Casablanca is a port city facing the Atlantic Ocean. This city has several charming beaches, museums and shopping malls. Some of the most iconic places to visit are Parc Sindibad and Place des Nations Unies.


Tangier, another Moroccan port city, is located on the northernmost tip of the country. It borders the Strait of Gibraltar and is the main port of entry between Africa and Europe. Located just across the strait is southern Spain. Tangier has an interesting and distinctly different culture from the rest of the country. This is because there is a fairly equal mix of Muslims, Christians and Jews in the city. There is a huge variety of things to do in Tangier, from visiting the Caves of Hercules to Cap Spartel and Dar el Makhzen.


Chefchaouen is one of the best cities to visit in Morocco because it is incredibly unique. It is located in northwestern Morocco in the Rif Mountains. The city has been around for centuries and is known for the blue-painted buildings and cobblestone streets in its historic center. While there aren’t as many attractions in Chefchaouen as in other Moroccan cities, it does have some of the most beautiful sights. The contrast between the blue buildings and the mountains in the background is absolutely stunning.

conclusion on the best city to visit in morocco

These are just four of the best cities to visit in Morocco, but there are many more! It’s hard to make such a short list of Moroccan cities worthy of a vacation because the country is so diverse. Each city offers its own unique experience. I hope this article has convinced you to add Morocco to the top of your must-visit list! We promise that once you visit, you will never want to leave.

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