3 day trips from Fes to Marrakech in the desert

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3 Days and 2 Nights

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3 day trips from Fes to Marrakech in the desert

Discover the magic of Morocco: a 3-day, 2-night desert trip from Fes to Marrakech

Embark on an enchanting 3-day, 2-night desert adventure, starting from the vibrant city of Fes and culminating in the charming city of Marrakech. This immersive journey promises an unforgettable experience that will connect you with Morocco’s rich cultural tapestry and natural beauty.

This trip from Fes to Marrakech takes you through cedar forest, Atlas Mountains and deserts. Visit kasbahs, ride a camel and stay in a Berber tent.

Book your 3-day, 2-night desert trip today and discover the enchanting secrets of Morocco, from Fes to the vibrant heart of Marrakech. Experience the magic of the desert and the warmth of Moroccan hospitality on this unforgettable trip.


  • Fes to Marrakech Safari Adventure: Embark on a thrilling 3-day, 2-night desert expedition, starting from Fes and ending in Marrakech.
  • Day 1: Fes to desert oasis
  • Depart Fes and head to Erfoud, a charming town known for its unique architecture.
  • Witness the landscape transform as you reach the mesmerizing dunes of Merzouga.
  • Enjoy a desert camel ride, watch the desert sunset, and spend the night in a traditional Berber camp.
  • Day 2: Exploring the wonders of the desert
  • Wake up to a beautiful desert sunrise over the dunes.
  • Explore the desert further, visit nomadic families and discover their traditions.
  • Try sandboarding for an adrenaline rush or simply immerse yourself in the serenity of the desert.
  • Trip to Tinghir and discover the majestic Todra Gorge.
  • Day 3: Marrakech, the jewel of Morocco
  • Arrival in Marrakech, a city that perfectly blends history, culture and modernity.
  • Explore iconic sites such as the Jardin Majorelle, the bustling Medina and the Koutoubia Mosque.
  • Authentic cultural experience: Interact with local Berber communities, gaining insight into their way of life and traditions.
  • Spectacular Desert Scenery: Witness the breathtaking beauty of the Sahara Desert, including camel rides and mesmerizing desert sunsets.
  • Picturesque stops: discover charming towns like Erfoud and the spectacular landscapes of the Todra Gorge.
  • Unforgettable Memories: Create lasting memories of Morocco's diverse landscapes and captivating culture.
  • Book your adventure: Book your place today on this unforgettable safari adventure from Fes to Marrakech and immerse yourself in the magic of Morocco.


  • Transportation for 3 days in an air-conditioned car
  • Professional English and French speaking driver
  • Breakfast
  • Dinner
  • 1 night in a standard/deluxe/luxury desert camp (depending on the option booked)
  • 1 night in hotel in Ouarzazate/Dades
  • Camel ride
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Entrance fees
  • Lunches
  • Drinks
  • Travel insurance
  • Quad bike ride (available at an additional cost)
  • Sandboarding (available upon request)


Your adventure begins in Fes, where you will be welcomed by your expert local guide. From here we will venture into the heart of Morocco's desert landscapes. Our first stop is the charming town of Erfoud, known for its distinctive architecture and proximity to the Sahara Desert. As you travel deeper into the desert, you'll see the landscape transform from lush oases to the stunning dunes of Merzouga. Here you will have the opportunity to ride a camel in the desert, watch the sunset over the sand dunes and spend the night in a traditional Berber camp under the starry desert sky. It's a true nomadic experience that will leave you speechless at the beauty of the desert.

Wake up in the serene silence of the desert and witness the sunrise over the dunes: a magical experience to say the least. After breakfast we will further explore the desert, visiting nomadic families to learn about their way of life and traditions. You can also try sandboarding or just relax in the peaceful desert surroundings. In the afternoon we will depart for Tinghir, a picturesque town nestled among spectacular canyons. Here you will explore the famous Todra Gorge, known for its towering cliffs and crystal-clear river. After a day of exploration, we will continue our journey to the lively city of Marrakech.

Our last day takes us to Marrakech, a city that perfectly blends history, culture and modernity. When you arrive, prepare to be fascinated by the lively souks, historic buildings and lush gardens. Explore the iconic Jardin Majorelle, stroll through the bustling Medina and marvel at the grandeur of the Koutoubia Mosque. Your desert trip from Fes to Marrakech is not only an adventure through breathtaking landscapes, but also a cultural odyssey that will leave you with lasting memories of Morocco's diverse and captivating beauty.

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